Hey, this is one of the few times that I can honestly say “It’s all about me”! But, when you have a personal WEB site, that’s possible without flaunting any pride.

You probably read some things on the Home page but space is limited there and I have SO much to say about myself that I really need the additional space.

Okay, setting all that aside, let’s get on with it. I was born on Wednesday, January 6, 1937 – uh, yes, that does mean that I am 73 (as of this writing).  And, I know you are anxious to Google the date to see if it really was Wednesday! Go ahead.

Now, that you’ve checked that out, let’s get it on.

If you click on the rotating “Featured Area” photos on the Home page and read the accompanying pages, you will probably find a pretty complete chronicle of my life (to date).

I have written (in 2007) my autobiography in a separate e-book (see the banner in the header of each page – “I Walked With God – and Still Do!”) and for that reason, I don’t want to preempt the impact (and the sales of that)! So, this (site) will generally be a follow-up, a part two, an addendum, a protraction of that book for those who are interested in what I’m doing now and where I am!

At the top of the page  in the menu line you will see a tab for “Flowers“. Teresa (see the tribute for Teresa under “Remember” at the right) and I liked flowers. She was like my mother in those areas; both raised and loved flowers and, after they picked them, placed them in prize-winning arrangements. I, likewise, appreciate the delicacy of most flower blossoms. They are each like snowflakes, unique works of art!   I try to capture that in photographs.

This (Flower) page has about 150 pixes that we took in the last few years of her life (and some additional ones after I returned to Florida). If you like flowers (and appreciate the accompanying music/sounds) then this page is for you.