Unions – Part Two


Following up my recent article about unions and my personal “contact” with them, we need to look more closely at the “public” unions – that is, unions that are formed to benefit government workers. This includes ALL forms of tax-payer-funded jobs,including teachers, first responders and some utility workers (city water & sewer, municipal power companies – even publicly-owned hospitals).

“Look for the Union Label” – late 1800’s label.


While it is true as in the private sector, civil employees deserve representation to protect or assure stability in their jobs; income, health coverage, etc., other issues need to be addressed. When “collective bargaining” by the unions with governing bodies overrides the ability for the “employer” to manage and maintain quality of service, including corrective action toward unruly or unqualified employees, the collective bargaining line has been breached and a dis-service to the community results.


Please watch this short video that describes how collective bargaining works and DOESN’T work:


There needs to be a new “line in the sand” where unions can maintain decorum in service to their members yet allow the government agencies to be able to fulfill their “contract with America” by serving the people who have elected them.


No one – union or otherwise – has the moral right to subvert the country by using sit-down strikes or “sick call” to try to force their agenda. Peaceful compromise and/or consensus is how we are supposed to do things in this country or else we become just another third-world nation.


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