Riots & Things Like That – – –

We’re reading and seeing a lot about the riots overseas, mainly in Europe & the Mid East. It appears to have started in Egypt and spread to Greece and Libya, and now in the United Kingdom.

Apparently there are different reasons and situations that have sparked the unrest in the various places. In Egypt and Libya it was a rallying against unruly rulers. Let’s face it, people want to be free! However, in Greece and Ireland the unrest is more of a financial one – the people and the countries are broke.


In England, something as simple as questionable arrests by police has triggered the current mob riots; burning businesses and vehicles, looting and even a number of murders. From the news you can see that it (as of this writing) is an on-going rebellion against authority. Only time and more destruction of lives and property will finally see a cessation of this wanton disregard of civil rule.

Concern has been expressed about similar anarchy spreading to these United States. But, quite frankly we have exported this nemesis upon those other nations!

In the photo to the right is the burning of Watts, a Los Angeles suburb, in 1965. That was triggered by CHP officers pulling over an “African-American” male, for suspicion of drunk driving. A mob formed because of that and it resulted in the destruction (by fire) of 997 mostly white-owned buildings and left over $40 million in damages.

More recently, in 1992, again in Los Angeles, the Rodney King arrest and beating following a high-speed auto chase and the subsequent acquittal by the court of the police officers involved was all that was needed for violence to begin. Thousands of people in the Los Angeles area rioted over the six days following the verdict.

Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred, and property damages topped roughly $1 billion. In all, 53 people died during the riots and thousands more were injured. The rebellion was quelled only after the National Guard, the Army and the US Marines (see picture at top) were called out.

Also in the ’60s we witnessed the “non-violent” demonstrations during the civil rights movement. Yes, there was violence, a little on both sides of the issues, but generally it was a peaceful display of grievance.


This country was founded upon rebellion and rioting! However, that was because of undue oppression by the British Crown; our ancestors took as much as they could and then turned to violence (war) for their deliverance. In short, they had justification and it resulted in a brand-new Nation.

Egypt and Libya are in similar situations; their desire for freedom, justice and peace is driving their people. And, as the French assisted the Colonies’ drive for independence, we need to help others who call upon us for help today.

The issues in other countries that revolve around finances is another matter; they will have to work out their own problems as we will have to do in this country.

Strife and struggle have always been with us. I hate to tell you but there is no Utopia or Shangri-la in this life! Even in the Bible there are many accounts of struggle and unrest, and many had to be resolved violently.


Fortunately in this country and England and most “democratic” (or republic-based) nations the laws are set up to be fair and equitable. If we don’t like something we DO have a voice in government to show our objection – it’s called the ballot. Yes, it does take time but we have a method whereby we can make the corrections.

Turning to violence to resolve our issues only results in anarchy (lawlessness). That will not work and will not be allowed. It will only “pour salt upon your wounds”.

America, we are supposed to be the “salt of the earth” and “a shining city upon a hill“. Let’s be what we are destined to be.


Export Peace!


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  1. Sue New says:

    So very true. Still scary.

  2. Jan Paveglio says:

    Great job, Danny. You covered several points that the media let fall through the cracks.

  3. Francie True Cannon says:

    Yes, I agree.

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