Election — 2012

It’s not too far away to look at the 2010 Elections and the Presidential election of 2012 – SO, I have a few suggestions that I want to put forth:

(That spells VETO!)

Now, having done that, who do we put back in? Glad you asked!  I have put together my slate of candidates (probably will have to be write-in UNLESS everyone gets behind this).

My choice for President is Sarah Palin. Now, I know all the hype about her not knowing “international affairs”, etc., but she has come a long way in educating herself (studying, and visiting overseas). She has made the effort to “fill in” the gaps for which she was criticized during the 2007 campaigning (even though she was only the Vice-Presidential candidate!). One of the reasons for resigning as Governor of Alaska (for which she, again, was criticized) was to prepare herself for “service” in future years (that sounds like getting ready to run for President to me!).

The Vice Presidential running mate with Sarah should be  Marsha Blackburn,  Congressperson from the 7th District of Tennessee (that’s the area between Nashville and Memphis). She is outspoken in her presence in Washington; she doesn’t allow anyone to “pull the wool over her eyes”! She has been married for 32 years and has 2 grown children. She is “Pro-Life” and knows how to get her “agenda” heard. She is well experienced in the protocol of and general procedures of Capitol Hill.

Another person who should be in the Palin-Blackburn administration is  Dana Perino, as Secretary of State. Although not an elective office, Dana is well experienced in the “Washington ritual”, having served in many positions in her years of service there, including the last two years of the Bush administration as Presidential Press Secretary. She has a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois in Public Affairs, knows personally many leaders in the United States government as well as a number of foreign leaders. She would be more qualified going in than Hillary Clinton was when she was appointed Secretary of State!


I know, this is probably hopeful (prayerful) wishing BUT it could happen. We need a new broom in DC (AND in our State Houses). If we get rid of everyone and just start over, this country would be better off. It was never intended by our Founding Fathers that people would make “careers” out of public service!

I am a proponent of “Term Limits”. My suggestion would be – limit everyone to ONE (that’s 1) term! But, that probably wouldn’t fly, so I could tolerate TWO terms!

Follow this theory: MOST people who campaign for public office for the first time do so in a genuine attitude and spirit of patriotism, and desire to honestly serve their (city, county, state, Nation). However, after winning the election and arriving at their duty stations, they quickly realize that NO one else has their same attitude of service. Sure, for the first year or so they TRY to do what’s best, but eventually, the old-timers (who have already garnered a pocketful of influence) quickly “put them in their place” – in a basement office, and at the end of the roster when it comes to being heard! Essentially they become ineffective – UNLESS they concede and join the “crowd”. Then, they are captured! They soon realize that it is easier to “bend” with what the majority wants to do rather than hold on to their (original) values.

The biggest complaint I have with multi-termers is that, after the first term they learn the “tricks of the trade” in getting into the “perks” that government service is so well known for. Consider this: why would a person spend $750,000 in campaigning for the office of Tax Collector – more than the salary they would receive in that position?!! Makes you wonder, huh?

As a reader of this article, you should be awakened to the possibilities of changing our leadership – from top down – in the upcoming elections. But, it is up to us, the citizens, not a political party or anyone else.

If you haven’t seen it already, everyone should watch the 1939 Jimmy Stewart Columbia Pictures movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”. It’s about a naïve first-timer who is thrust into the system, but doesn’t give in, regardless of the attempts to corrupt him! Unfortunately, over 70 years later, the same kind of maneuvering is still going on in Washington!

Only WE, in our willingness to put our efforts forth, can make the difference in bringing this Nation back on track, in alignment with our Constitution and the dreams of our forefathers.


Oh, as far as having so many women in government leadership — think back;  okay, WAAY back!  At your house, who followed after you , cleaning up your messes? It wasn’t your DADDY!

You betcha!

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4 Responses to “Election — 2012”

  1. Jan Paveglio says:

    Very well done, Danny. An all-female President, VP and Sec’y of State would really be a dynamic and exciting step for our political history.

    Enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to the next installment.


  2. Jerry Jones says:

    Danny, great website. You are a talented webmaster, for sure. Enjoyed your articles & beautiful flowers, & will comment more in time.

  3. Bill Stone says:

    I agree fully and am a strong proponent for term limits.
    I believe that is the only way to limit the power grabbing
    politicians that go to Washington with nothing on their mind but
    self serving policies and self preservation. (And wealth)
    I know Marsha Blackburn and she is above board in every aspect of
    her career and life.
    Your blog is right on target.

  4. Chuck Ray says:

    I support Sarah Palin….(I can’t bring myself to throw away my two McCain/Palin yard signs). I also love Dana Perino…..but I would need to determine Marsha Blackburn’s stand on the Performance Royalty Tax before I can support her. I am against that tax on broadcasters because artists already get valuable airplay (advertising) to sell their product. We shouldn’t have to pay them for the “privilege”. Our industry is hurting enough already. I would also be disappointed if she co-sponsored the bill, as much as I am disappointed by TN Senators Corker and Alexander’s apparent support of such a bad bill.

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