Obamacare Hitting “Home” — Today

I recently sent, or rather, Forwarded, an email to several close friends that had a link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8) to a video which highlighted items in the Obamacare law (H.R.3200) . One of them responded that it had already hit him (and his wife) right in the face!

Names withheld for obvious reasons, this gentleman works for a not-for-profit ministry. His wife has chronic health issues and, since he has her on his “health insurance” plan at work, his premiums are lower than if she was on Medicare. Having worked a while for a similar ministry, I know he suffers from a low income at best. So, any way they can save money they turn to it. Right now, he is not at retirement age.

However he sent the following comments:

My wife and I got our first taste of this monstrous, onerous tragedy.  I have had xxxx on my employer-issued medical plan (which I have to contribute to), as it was better and less costly than Medicare.  We received a form letter telling us that xxxx had to be enrolled in Medicare Part D by the end of 2011 or she would face a fine assessed to the Medicare premium whenever time came that she enrolled.  I assume that someday I will have to go on S.S. (Nazis) and Medicare and when I do, we will have to pay the fine unless she enrolls in the next two months.  Basically, they are forcing people into the guvmint-plan. “

He goes on to say: “In using the Medicare web site to determine coverage and costs for xxxx, the least expensive plan for her is around $5600 per year for Medicare Part D.  I am going to need to add a part time job in order to maintain our home life or find a higher paying job.  Seeing how this is a “Christian” company, we are not paid the same as others with the same job skills in the secular market.

And finally, “Fines are assessed based on how many years one was eligible and did not enroll and are added monthly to the Medicare premium.  Currently (as if they will not change it), the fine is $4 and change per year, assessed monthly. The $4+ is multiplied by the years one was eligible and didn’t enroll, then assessed to the monthly Medicare premium So if I don’t take Medicare until 68 (if allowed to wait), we are looking at almost an additional $50 per month penalty on top of the Medicare premium at a time when funds will be limited due to no longer being employed.  I reckon, I will have to work until it is time to lay this “tent” down in order to afford it.  Of course, they will figure out some way to force me into the “program” before that could happen – more fines.”

Play the video and then see if we in this Nation are better off with the “Change” that is being forced on us. Surely, if our legislators will not take an appropriate action, then we will have to trust that the electorate (you and me) will take all necessary action to STOP this – (as my friend stated) – Nazi attack.

This attack on the American people is just a forerunner for what lies ahead – for all of us!

My friend ended his comments withMaranatha(“Come, oh, Lord!”). May I add —QUICKLY?

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