China Going To The Moon?

At a time when the Obama administration has decided that we need to “cut back” on manned space exploration and the costs that are required for that program, China has announced a five-year plan to begin exploration of the moon.

Everyone in government and society as a whole understands the military advantages of establishing a base of operation on our nearest “space neighbor”.  Our world-shattering accomplishment of 1969 of landing, having man walk & explore the moon and return safely to earth ended following the launch of Apollo 17 in December, 1972.


The program was supposed to continue with the hope of eventually colonizing the moon, but the Apollo project was terminated due to (as we were told) lack of funds and general apathy or indifference of the general public toward space exploration.

True, we were entering into a recession at the time (1973), with the “contrived” shortage of oil and the escalation of not only oil but ALL prices in the marketplace. Congress acted in response by basically shutting down or severely limiting funding to NASA and its on-going space exploration agenda.


Our own space program was initially accelerated into high gear after the successful launch of “Sputnik”, the first earth-orbiting man-made satellite in October of 1957. The fear at the time was that our Cold War enemy, the USSR (Russia), would gain preeminence and therefore domination of the earth by installing weaponry in space and eventually on the moon.

So, Congress and President Eisenhower, under pressure from their constituents activated our own space program in 1958. The USSR was the first to send a man into space; after that, the United States took the lead and outperformed the Soviets from then forward. We were the distinctive leader in space.

Earlier this year, instead of allowing the already-in-work migration to the next generation of Shuttle-type exploratory craft, Obama effectively shut down the manned missions of NASA. Fifty three years of excellence in space has now gone down the tubes on the whim of a “community organizer”.


Just as the radical Islamics have already begun taking over Iraq only days after our President withdrew the troops, China has released their plan to take over our space exploration – including sending men to the moon and establishing colonies there! We don’t have the money to do that (according to Obama) so we have defaulted to China to pick up our technology and our role as leader in space. Does this sound familiar? We have been giving China our research, our ideas, our technology for years and turn around and purchase back products that we formerly manufactured in this country.

Until recent years China did not have the resources, especially money, to develop their own space program, yet from the billions and billions we have been sending them, they are now able to do that – on our dollar!

As I stated previously, the Solyndra half-billion that was stolen from us, uh,  given away in non-refundable grants  could have gone a long way to put our own USA outpost on the moon.

This is a photo of a Chinese test launch on December 20, 2011.

Isn’t it time – are not four years sufficient to have our economy, our security, our very existence sent on a down-hill dive? Is there an opportunity to recover or will we crash as a world leader? Only after proper wisdom is exercised by US in November will we know.


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