I, Me, and Mine

Isn’t it strange that we see a politician jumping at the opportunity to “grab” glory or favorable credit for things someone else has done? Or is that the norm in this society today?

When a person in high office claims the rewards for action taken by his subordinates, that is wrong!  (Recent) case in point is the  laying of  claim during the re-election bid being spun by Obama after OUR troops have accomplished some resounding feats during his watch .


The stalking and killing of Bin Laden, the drone attacks on numbers of Taliban leaders in the Mid-East, Kadaffi, etc. have all been claimed asI had my troops” do these things. How possessive can one person be? This person, who has not served in the military (and his questionable legality of actually being “Commander-in-Chief”), has called all the shots that have resulted in these victories? I think not.

Our professional service-personnel are trained to do these things. Their supervisory staff (officers) are commissioned to search and destroy the enemies of the United States. That’s their job, and they are doing it well. For someone who just happens to be in a (civilian) position of authority over these soldiers just doesn’t have the training to order them how to do their job.

True, we DO have other civilians, like the Secretary of Defense, who DO have a background in military prowess, but even they appoint the generals and others to perform their skills. We should let the military do their job and when successful, receive the credit. All too often we are quick to place  them at blame when they are unsuccessful.


I like the position that then-General Eisenhower took when making the decision to begin the D-Day invasion. He drafted two notes; the first was to give praise to the gallant action of the Allied forces as they stormed the beaches in Normandy. The other (see the actual note here, in Ike’s handwriting) was to have been delivered if the attack was a failure. It reads, “ Our landings in the Cherbourg – have over here  failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and the troops have withdrawn. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.

Fortunately, the former note prevailed. But, in his two notes, the General first attributed success to his sub-ordinates but, in case of failure, he alone accepted responsibility. Have we seen that in Washington in the past three years?  I think not. At best, the successes were “shared” between Obama and, oh yes, his troops.

I volunteered and served my three years in the military. Fortunately, my tour was between two wars, Korea and Vietnam, and I did not have to endure warfare. But, even so, I hold in my heart a high respect for those who “stand in harm’s way”, who suffer physical and mental pain to assure the freedom that our Nation holds so high. I do not esteem anyone who would take away from those front-line troops the honor and respect for the service they have given to our Country.

This is NOT a political message but one of decency.

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