World Court – Something To Be Feared!

Ever hear of the World Court? Many may have heard of it but do you know what that entails? What “authority” does it have? Does it affect us (in the USA)?

The name “World Court” generally refers to the International Court of Justice, an arm of the United Nations, located in the Hague, the Netherlands. It is composed of fifteen justices, from different countries, as dictated by the United Nations. The current Chief Justice, or President of the Court, is from Czechoslovakia.  All justices have  three-year, staggered terms.

Actually, there are twenty-six “courts” of  justice or “world courts”, under their jurisdiction, such as, the “Inter-American Court on Human Rights“, “Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women“,  “International Military Tribunals” and such. Trials of NAZI or AXIS leaders following WWII were conducted in this manner.

Generally, this idea – World Court – appears to be good by assuring justice in and for all nations. So, why should we fear this? There are several reasons that we should explore:

1. From the start of his first (and last) term, with his attitude of submission and/or apologies to other nations for actions taken by the United States, Obama is pushing for the World Court to adjudicate charges brought inside the USA. For example, racial discrimination against the State of Arizona in its newly-enacted immigration law. Or, charges against individual members of our military for crimes committed within the borders of and/or  under the jurisdiction of our own military courts.

In short, the World Court would supersede ALL US Courts, including the Supreme Court, and would thus, nullify the Constitution.

2. There are 15 member judges of the ICJ, appointed by the Security Council of the UN. Suppose that at a period in time (and they are very close to being there today) there was a majority of those appointees from nations who do not like us and were “Hell-bent” on destroying us. They could actually condemn actions, current or in the past, and bring states, individuals, or even our Federal Government to the Hague for trial.

For example, if a “stacked” Court didn’t like the fact that Obama was involved in the attack in Pakistan and subsequent “elimination” of Osama bin Laden, they could charge our President with being an accessory to murder and put him on trial. They could even “reach back” and place on trial George W. Bush for the same for his “invading” of Iraq and the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein. The same with Bill Clinton and even Jimmy Carter for something they sanctioned while as President. In short, they could find something to drag the USA into their court!


Initially, the “World Court” concept was to provide recourse to those non-democratic countries who have dictators, kings, emperors, etc. who exercise total control and refuse “civil liberties” for their subjects. It was never intended to supersede the laws and authority of constitutionally-elected republics or democratic nations (we vote out our tyrants!).

However, with the obvious clamor for totalitarian power in the world, the UN has been slowly (over the decades) interjecting these types of controls.


We must make every effort to prevent Obama from “giving away” our democracy (republic) to the whims of other world leaders who are controlling the United Nations.


As a reminder, I have, from its beginning, been a supporter of the United Nations — see my article entitled: The UN & Israel. But, times and agendas have changed, and we must become “watchmen on the wall” * to guard our own  freedoms!


*I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest,” — Isaiah 62:6


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