Chief Justice John Roberts – Friend or Foe?


Most Americans, especially “Patriots”, waited with baited breath for the release of the determination of the Supreme Court regarding the “Obamacare” (or “Affordable {ha!} Health Care”) law. Most on both sides of the issue were surprised, if not shocked, by the outcome.

Basically, many of the portions of the law were approved as Constitutional, including the “mandate” part that allows the government to force you to buy something you don’t want.

The Court was divided down the middle – four for and four against. The shocking part was the tie-breaking vote, cast by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts!


Here is the man, just a year and a half ago at the State of the Union message by Obama, who mouthed the words, “that’s a lie” regarding a statement made by Obama. He came under criticism over the issue. Now, it appears that he is agreeing with Lord Obama.


So, what was Roberts thinking when he sided with the Obama-engineered law? Around half of the country is vocally against this law yet the judge stood with the supporters. Well, let’s look into this issue – was there a “hidden message” that the Chief Justice was offering?

John Glover Roberts, Jr. (age 57), was appointed by Geo. W. Bush and assumed office in 2005. He has been traditionally known as “conservative”, based on his appointment. He is a Roman Catholic.


There was (is) a loophole in the wording of the law that deals with the “individual mandate” regarding payment of this massive medical/insurance plan. The mandate states that an assessment or fee would be imposed upon all who are forced to subscribe to this law. Obama insisted that it was not a tax.

One needs to understand that it is outside of the authority of the Supreme Court to “change” law (judicial activism), only to determine whether a law is Constitutional or not.  However, in this case, the Court DID change the wording or the intent, to state that the assessment or fee is indeed a tax, and therefore, is under the jurisdiction of the Congress to assess. By that change, Justice Roberts broke the tie and the law was approved.

But, any “secret message” by Roberts may have been hidden in his discourse regarding the law. Basically, he said that whether a law is good for the country or not is beyond the purview of the Court, that it is up to the people at the polls to elect new people or remove those who make laws that are not liked.

Could it be that, even if out-of-order, the change of the wording to indicate a tax (that Obama promised would not be a feature of his new law) was a way for adding fuel to the fire against Obama for going against his word? And, was Robert’s dialog a “hint’ that Tea-Partiers and other conservatives should get their (our) act in order and do the best to work for candidates to replace those in Congress (and the White House) in November who are not performing to advance our country? Certainly it helps set the stage for this fall and the election.


In any case, we now have yet more material to use in the unseating of the King of Washington and his court jesters this fall, and we who are Patriots and love our country want to see the nation restored to the way our forefather’s founded it. We just need to run with it.

Four years ago many of you, my friends, voted for this tyrant, looking for “Hope & Change”. I don’t know how much hope you got for your vote but you were blessed with change! I trust you have enjoyed it. Many of you, including Republicans and Democrats, have since told me that you indeed, did make a mistake. Well, now you have a chance to turn it around – and vote for someone who will rescind this and other burdensome laws that affect all levels of our society.

Now, let’s get to work and “sweep out” ALL who have brought our country so low!





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