Betrayed — Again ???

blowing moneyFor weeks, especially since the infamous election of November 6th (a black day on the 2012 calendar), the aspect of the “Financial Cliff” has highlighted the news. Even overpowering the recent occasions of ignorance & incompetence exhibited by the “approved-by-the-public” administration — the shooting of border guards and the smuggling of weapons into Mexico by the Obamama government, the “Benghazi-gate”  debacle, the lying of officials of the Obamama administration before Congress, etc. – we are still being robbed by factions of that same administration!


In the elections of 2010 and 2012 those in the Republican Party, spurred on by the “Tea Party” caucus, supposedly sent candidates to Washington to represent the people and not to cow-tow to or compromise with those of the fleecing Democratic Party. Now, it seems that even our delegates may have deserted us through compromise with the opposition party.

We don’t know all the details and “justifications” at this time (1-2-13) but a number of Republican Congresspersons, especially in the House, have bowed to his lordship on the throne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by agreeing to tax increases WITHOUT any spending cuts or constraints. Is THAT betrayal of those who elected them, or what??!!

For the few of you who are not familiar with our government structure, either house of Congress, Senate or Representative, can submit bills to be considered BUT only the House of Representatives can fund any monies that would be necessary to fulfill those requirements. In short, the “Affordable Health Care” (Obama-care) (ha!) law cannot function without the House of Representatives authorizing the money – and the Republican are the majority party in the House! Thousands of bills can be passed into law BUT the House, exclusively,  has to vote on the funding of  them. 

This issue will be in the news for some time and perhaps many changes will be considered but, as of now, the House of Representatives (Republicans) have let us down – again.

As soon as the “dust” settles, I will provide a list of or a link to those who have sided with the messiah of the masses. We will need that along with a new, clean broom in 2014, the next election for our lawmakers. Paraphrasing the old expression: you can deceive me once and perhaps twice, BUT, three strikes and you’re out“!


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