Covered By His Wings

mama bird with babies

(KingsWay Ministries article)

(inspired by Sue New)

Times are rough. We see turmoil all around; between nations, violence here at home, unusual “natural” events and devastation & unrest wherever we turn. And, during times like these many question: “where is God?“.

There are theologians, members of academia and others who try to answer this question with their complicated, complex explanations. Somehow, though, they never seem to give clear, definitive answers.  Well, like most things, the answer can be found in His “book”.


Unfortunately, many people turn to God when “needed”; that is, when they can’t seem to find answers elsewhere. They “call” upon Him for a quick fix or explanation for their problem or situation, as though He was a dispensing machine. True, He IS there and is willing to help when called upon. But, He would desire that there be a well-founded relationship, not just a “band aid” to cover your boo-boo! A well-grounded Biblical study and understanding of the process of spiritual  life will help you before you find yourself in situations.

The theme of the Bible lets us know that there IS a devil out there (satan) and he desires to destroy ALL of God’s people. (Let’s not explore why God allows satan to roam the earth “seeking to devour whom he will” at this time. That requires a lot more explanation and is material for a future posting)! At the same time God has a provision, an “option” for His people to exercise to protect themselves from these demonic attacks.

Like the above picture of the mama bird sheltering her chicks under her wings, God promises the same for us ( Psalm 91:4 — He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection). So, WHY doesn’t this work; why do I continue to have problems and attacks?

Well, in the case of the chicks under mama’s wings, if one of them steps out from under her wings he exposes himself to whatever threat is out there, whatever mom was protecting him from. He most likely will be devoured. Conversely, by staying under the wings, he will be protected. Even if there is some attack, by a predator or bad weather, the mama bird takes the brunt of the assault, and may even forfeit her life to protect the young ones. This happens in “nature”; certainly it occurs in the spiritual realm!

If we step out from under the protection of our God, it is a choice we make, and have subjected ourselves to the whims of the devil. Like the baby bird that has scooted away from mama, we are now responsible for ourselves.


Let’s try to compare this to computer analogy: if we shut down or remove our anti-virus protection program, it won’t take long for your computer to be “found” as unprotected, and viral infection will surely be your  lot. It may not be instantaneous and you may think that things are okay. But, eventually “strange” things begin to happen as the virus roams around the Internet, seeking what it may infect!

The net result is that it will take much effort (and expense) to dis-infect the computer, and most times you will have to erase the hard drive  completely and start over.


In the case of spiritual “protection removal” you open yourself to anything the devil chooses to put upon you if you choose to stray away from God’s protection. The obvious solution — stay under His wings! A bad thought, word or action, ever so subtle – anything that is of a sinful nature -will separate you from the love of God, for He will not tolerate sin.

God wants you whole and to live a long, productive life. That’s why He sent His “volunteer”, Jesus, to pave the way for you. But you have to do your part.


And, that’s a simple answer to the question of :where is God“?

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