MY LIFE’S PROGRESSION – Part Six (click the pix to read more)

After my return to Florida it was my strong intent (and personal desire) to return to North Carolina and resume the work we had started there. After all, I had not died and the need was still there! I intended to go back, rent a “cabin” and “wait on the Lord”. That seemed the noble thing to do. My furniture is up there – a sure thing, right?

Day after day and week after week, one thing and then another kept interfering with my plan for the return trip. After two years had passed my son suggested to me that, since I was encamped here and helping him to manage the household chores, cook, fellowship, etc., what is the urgency to get to that mountainside cabin, to hear the Lord; that I could hear Him just as easily from here?!

I thought that was wisdom, so here I am – waiting.

Well, not really waiting. I DO have the WEB site(s)!

Last year (March 2009) at Marty’s suggestion (he IS in the commercial WEB design business), I rebuilt the old KingsWay site into a blog site, and it has experienced a “runaway”! Since then (in a year), there have been over 18,000 visits from more than 150 different Nations around the world! 

(Note: As of  May, 2011, that  total has now risen to be in excess of 33,500 visits!)

I had also begun a “personal” WEB site (this one!) in which I could discuss current events and affairs of the world that, unlike “Reverend Wright”, would not be appropriate coming from a Christian site. My intent is the same, just that I try to keep the “holy” material on that site and politics, personal  opinions & comments and such on this one.

People are finding and reading the posts. I have received e-mail from many – some in countries where Christianity is prohibited, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. They are even asking for permission to use the material they find on the site in their own (underground) churches (which, of course, is granted)!

SO, perhaps “the World” is my new Waynesville! Who knows? But here I am (along with other contributing authors) cranking out  the Godly messages and posting them for the World to use, as they wish.

(Note:  In October 2010, after I had sold my furniture, etc. in an auction in the spring, I moved back to Western North Carolina, not to Waynesville but 40 miles northeast of Asheville, in Spruce Pine.)

And I’m still waiting – – – – –

And waiting – – – – –

I’m 77 (2013); my Granddaddy True lived to 93. I have chosen to emulate him!

(This is my original statement – you may quote me): When you approach the “upper tier of years” one begins to wonder about the future!

My “future” is secure, I will join Jesus “in the clouds”! Care to join me there (at the appropriate time, of course)? You can start here: Salvation.

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