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BloggingHave something that you feel would be suitable for inclusion on this WEB site? Well, now you can submit your articles for consideration!

It’s a simple process; you are currently on the Home (or Index) page. On the lower right side you will see a Log In section. Since you haven’t logged in before, select the “Register” button. That will take you to a registry page. Type your “User Name” (it can be your name or an alias). Under that, key in your e-mail address. The system will automatically e-mail a (temporary) password.

At the log-in section, put your user name and the e-mailed password and you will gain access to the system (the Dashboard). To change your password (as with all passwords, you should be the only one who knows it), select Profile and, at the bottom of that page you change your password. You can also fill out the bio info and other fields if you’d like but that’s not necessary.


To submit your article go to Posts and create a New one. Put a title in the top field, and in the text area below that, type your material. There are alternate methods as well; you can cut/copy¬† & paste from another writing program but use the “T” button (however, if you use Microsoft Word, click on the “W” button) and follow the instructions.

Additionally, you can embed photos like the one on the top of this article, Youtube videos, sound, links to other sites, etc. Use the “Add Media” button for those items.

When you are finished, select the “Send To Review” button on the right (under “Publish” if it is not showing). That’s it! The article will be reviewed and, if accepted, will appear as the next item on the front page. It will be tagged at the top with your name or alias but your e-mail address will never be displayed.

I reserve the right to make minor changes (spelling, punctuation, etc.) but the context will not be altered in any way. Your submissions are welcomed; they add variety and increased interest to this site that gets 40-50 visitors per day.

As always, if you have problems, send me a message (using “Contact” at the top of the page).

Happy Blogging !

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