Islamization of Florida?

A few days ago it was revealed that the School Board of Brevard County, FL (my former place of residence and where my teenage grandson is  a student) is “reviewing” a history textbook  that espouses the study,  at length, of the Islamic faith.

Those who have reviewed the book have discovered that it is a primer of how to be a Muslim, including all the horrific acts that have been perpetrated on women, Christians, Jews and those of all other faiths, in the name of their dead prophet, Mohammed.

Somewhat strangely (?) there is NO comparison study of Christianity or Judaism in that book in a “fair & balanced” manner (as the publisher states). The (federal) law in ALL states  is specific; religions can be studied in an historical aspect but it clearly blocks stating that one is favorable over the other (proselytizing).

This book has been used in Florida and other states for at least three years; why has this not been brought out before? Who on school boards review textbooks before purchasing and distributing them in our schools? It is good that someone has opened up this issue in the Brevard school system, but is this laxity on the part of elected and employed officials to have allowed such biased (and unconstitutional) material to be  disseminated in (our) schools?

Where is the study on Christianity or Judaism? You won’t find it; it’s illegal. What about the “separation of church & state”? Is it void when considering teaching our children the Muslim religion and not Christianity?

The final responsibility is, first, on the parents, to review all textbooks that their children bring home, and, secondly, on the voters to elect conscientious and responsible school board members who will purge the “system” of this type of perversion.

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