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With the recent inclement weather (very low temperatures, snow, ice, etc.) that has affected most of the United States, the emphasis has been on Metropolitan Atlanta. Although they had only several inches of snow, because of its geographical location (the South) they did not have a plan or equipment in place to handle the problem. Due to that, many thousands of people became stranded in vehicles, schools, etc.

Chick-fil-et  and others supplied free food to the stranded and actually delivered it to motorists on the Interstates and other highways.

In the early 60’s I was in Atlanta in January for a week and, while there they experienced a one-inch snowfall. The city began shutting down at noon and, by 5 o’clock the streets were empty except for a few of us from “up North” who were seen walking in the snow and wondering why all the fuss over an inch of snow!

I have lived in the mountainous area of northwest North Carolina for just over 3 years and have been amazed at how quickly the roads are cleared of snow. Mine is a small community with just one major road that feeds Interstate 26 about 30 miles away. The street upon which I live (less than a half mile in length) sees the snow plow truck come by 3 or 4 times a day, beginning before 6AM. Most paved roads receive the same treatment and there is little delay in traffic movement. Unfortunately, some unpaved roads higher up in the mountains cannot be logistically serviced in the same way.

On one section of I-26, the 10-mile stretch leading through the mountain into Tennessee, there is a bridge (at Wolf Laurel) that has automatic dispensing of de-icing solution when snow or ice buildup is detected. 

On my first Christmas Day here (2010) there was a heavy snow (over one foot) in my yard but within hours the snow was scraped from the road and salt was applied to keep it open.

As “first responders” the drivers DO place themselves in harm’s way on the treacherous roads, and the North Carolina Highway Department is to be thanked for their prompt response and service.

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