Are Book Burnings Next?

Nazis burning books in Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII

Nazis burning books in Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII

The Obama administration has indicated that they are going to charge the Federal Communications Commission to embed “observers” into the news rooms of TV and Cable news outlets (like Fox News) to “determine” what constitutes “acceptable” news to be delivered to the public over those facilities. In short, you will be able to see ONLY the news items that Obama allows!

How similar to the antics of Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany is this? First they controlled the news on radio (there was no TV then). Next they burned books deemed unacceptable to their agenda and censored all “unacceptable” stories from newspapers .

I was born after these activities; by then, they were into mass slaughter of Jews and all whom they deemed “undesirable”, including the physically and mentally handicapped, Negros, etc. The war ended when I was eight years old.

When I was 20, I enlisted in the US Army and spent over two years in Germany. Having some knowledge or remembrance of the atrocities that occurred before and during the war, it spurred my interest in the  German people, especially those who served in the military during the war. I was surprised to learn that the majority of the military members there were coerced to fight for the “Fuhrer and the Fatherland”. To refuse resulted in death.

I have spent over 30 years studying Germany and Europe during that tragic period of history.

In the 20’s the “agenda” was to first annihilate all opposition political parties. Basically there were two major parties, the Socialists and the Communists. There were also small, splinter groups not unlike the “Tea Party” in the USA today, but they were quickly disbanded and eliminated (killed).

Next they took over the radio and newspapers and polluted the minds of the citizens (primarily young people) with their propaganda of world domination. However, it was mainly a forced acceptance of Hitler and his gangsters. Dissent was not allowed and punishable by a cruel, painful death.

I have written several articles over the past few years about the effects of “political domination” and its impact. Some of those posts can be sourced here: Obamacare Hitting “Home” — TodayYet Another YearAre YOU An Insurrectionist?  The Lemming and Leaders. It could be helpful to review these.

It has become a trite expression “is history repeating itself? ” but it most surely applies at this juncture. If “they” get rid of the Tea Party and control the news, what is next? Burning our books, including the Bible, as in Germany? Imprisoning dissenters of the administration? Forced allegiance to our “leaders”?

WEB sites like this one that disagree with the political wave that this Nation is riding will certainly be shut down as “insurrectionist”.

So where do we go from here? Can we survive until the next election and even so, have the minds of the majority of our citizens been warped by the current propaganda, to the point that they will vote for ANOTHER 8 years of this agenda? Do we accept what is being handed to us “before reading what is in it”?

Personally, I would prefer prison or death rather than  shouting   “Heil Obama“.

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