Crusade Against Christians?

isisThe “Junior Varsity” team, Barack Hussein Obumma’s label for the radical Islamic group known as ISIS or ISIL, has trumped their previous outrage by beheading 21 Christians in Egypt. They made a production of it by lining them up in a “chorus line” fashion and choreographed the timing of the executions.

Prior to that they butchered a number of children simply because of their Christian faith. I have seen pictures of that carnage – the heads of 2-3 year olds, mostly girls, positioned on top of their prone decapitated bodies, like a line-up of trophies.

Obviously, most of the world is appalled by this slaughter of defenseless children and persons of  faiths other than Muslim. But, WHAT are WE doing about it?

I detest to again refer to WWII, but this looks like history IS repeating itself. True, there are billions of people who are Muslim, but I am sure that the overwhelming majority of them are opposed to this black mark against their faith.


Our country is known as the “policeman of the world”, and although we shouldn’t try to interject ourselves into the internal affairs of other nations, we also should not stand by (or put our head into the sand, pretending these things are not happening) as genocide runs rampant across the globe.

Our President obviously does not want to implicate or denigrate those involved who are a part of his Muslim background and upbringing. However, we are NOT an isolationist nation and we should be the herald of righteousness and justice and take the lead in putting a stop to those 40,000 radicals who are performing their ungodly acts. Contact your Congresspersons to force the proper action.

As a Judeo-Christian Nation, it is our RESPONSIBILITY!

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