I’m Gone From Facebook

nofaceWell, I’m fed up with Facebook and it’s ultra-slanted political positioning! A few days ago I posted a link to my article on “Crusade Against Christians“, which is a critical report about OUR Nation not going to the aid of those who are being slaughtered.

As I have done in the past (and incidentally, others post links that are not only politically sensitive but both profane and “R” rated) I posted a link to my article. Well, it stayed on Facebook for about 10 minutes and then it was removed. After noticing that, I re-posted it and, again, it was removed.

I followed that up with a simple text posting stating that Facebook had removed (the link to) my article. In 12 minutes THAT was removed as well.

Facebook is a “private” or publicly-traded company and can control the content of it’s site. But, with multi-millions of users one would wonder how they found, reviewed and removed my posting that quickly! Obviously they use search engines that look for keywords like “Muslim”, “ISIS” or “Obama” (incidentally, I spelled the name “Obumma’s”).

The only viable reason I can see is that the political stance of Facebook, it’s owners, etc. is pro-Obama or at least Democratic, and they don’t want anyone belittling their messiah, and my article intimates his lack of involvement, especially when it come to anything Christian.

As you may have noticed, their primary servers are hosted in Ireland, but I’m fairly sure that is not their home country. Google, a USA company, had at one time over 3,000 software engineers working in their Dublin facility.

SO, if you wish to contact me, don’t use Messaging or any other Facebook method. Instead, use e-mail, the form on my Contact page or the telephone. Those work!

Sorry for this inconvenience but one must do what he must, and live up to certain principles.


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