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Most people just do not know how horrible and devastating a socialist government can be. I am old enough to remember the Stalinist and Leninist regimes and how they operated (USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).  Here is an example:

They divided up the participant states by having them manufacture or produce single commodities. Each state would only provide the authorized goods. For instance, trucks and parts were manufactured in Ukraine while other places grew only potatoes.  When times got tough, the people in Ukraine could not eat trucks so they starved. Likewise people in Lithuania could not get trucks to go to market so their cabbage crops rotted in the field, and the farmers starved because they had no income from cabbage.

(I have known people who survived socialism in the USSR and they have affirmed these accounts).

So, that’s how socialism works, the government manages your job, your pay, your health, your housing, etc. The individual has no voice in these matters, those few in power control ALL your life from their Ivory Towers located in “The Swamp”!

Now let’s get back to alternative energy. First is solar. I recently attempted to start up a solar manufacturing facility in this area but could not get the necessary Government grant support, so we ceased our attempts, especially after the current Government (Administrator and Legislature) began its down-hill slide to destruction. However I am well familiar and versed in the solar energy field.

Solar is a good, renewable energy source, yet the low efficiency of the solar cell requires a large inventory of equipment in order to make it a viable source. Fifty or more panels for your house at an average cost of $300 per panel, plus installation and supporting devices – well, you do the math!

Wind generation is not a dependable source. What happens when, on a hot day, the wind decides not to blow? Plus the equipment is VERY expensive to buy and maintain. Only a large utility company or nation would take on the challenge.

Ocean tide generators and Geo-steam are just too vague to consider. I mean, who has a geyser or an ocean in your back yard?

I predict it will take 100 years to develop any of these “green” sources as viable energy substitutions. (I’m safe – I won’t be here to be blamed if it doesn’t work!).

Now, finally, electric vehicles. My son recently bought an all-electric deluxe model. It’s a fine car with every bell and whistle you could imagine. It will average 350 miles before it needs recharging. So, what do you do when you want to drive to California (well, WHO would want to?).

Fortunately, there are charging stations throughout the US and Canada. There are basically two types: the “standard” design and the Tesla Super Charger (+20,000 units). Tesla has a map on their WEB site that shows locations of both types. From my Western NC area I would have to drive 50 miles to find a charger. But, let’s look at what it takes to “charge up”.

The cost is based on kilowatt hours and can vary from location to location. With the current upsurge of gasoline costs one can expect that electric charging rates will likewise go up, for that reason we will not show costs in this article.

As far as time to charge up that likewise varies. On a Tesla Super Charger one can expect to get fully charged in an hour or less. For a non-Tesla charger, expect to wait twice the time. Tesla charger operates at 480 volts, a standard type, 240 volts). Note: the faster you charge decreases the battery life.

There IS a home unit that can be bought but generally, if you are not going to drive for a day or two while it charges, that would work for you!

Now, here is the downside of the electric vehicle – where does the electricity come from to charge your battery? Not from the atmosphere, it comes from an oil/gas power plant somewhere!

 Oh, if you are considering using solar at home to top off your charge, at 100 watts per panel operating at 18 volts, it will take 30 panels just to charge your car!

So much for clean, free green energy. Let’s re-institute our production of what we are blessed with, years and years of petroleum products, including the MANY plastics that are made from oil.

There is a “Spiritual” side of protecting the Good Earth, climate warming, etc. and you will find that over on

(*stupid – “devoid of good sense or judgment”)

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