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Rep. Madison Cawthorn, “Rock Star”

First of all, I am NOT political, rather my background is in the Engineering domain; logic, the finite, “yes or no”, “true or false”, etc.  However we DO live in a society where it seems that politics rule every aspect of one’s life. Therein lies my plight . . . After relocating to Spruce Pine […]

Alternative Energy

There has been much talk in the past 10 years regarding the continued use of non-replaceable fuel, primarily petroleum. These talks are sparked by those who promote the Green agenda and their attempts to glean mega-dollars from primarily this Nation in order to further their docket. At the same time, using new technologies developed during […]

You’re Home – Now What?

As tours of duty are completed and you didn’t extend, you find yourself back among those who love you. After a warm reception and a time of “catching up”, you realize that you need to find employment and adjust to civilian life. But where do you turn? Your old job may have been filled or […]


The Original Homeland Security – – –