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Whistle Blowing – – or Self Entrapment?

In today’s society Whistle Blowing is referred to quite often. Mostly it relates to government when an employee notices an act or suspicious occurrence and feels that he should report what was seen. In many states, it is mandatory; you report, anonymously, what you have seen to the appropriate law enforcement agency and they will […]


The Original Homeland Security – – –

Living and Dying

(Editor’s Note: Previously shown on  the KingsWay Ministries site). For some reason there have been a number of deaths and subsequent funerals after the first of the year and especially since the start of summer. This “trend” always brings up questions and doubts. Hopefully the following article will be able to shed some light on […]

Perverted English Language?

I was NOT the brightest candle on campus while in high school. Most of my contemporaries knew that. And, my worst subject was English (that’s what we called it back in the Stone Age). I could barely spell my name much less tackle conjugation and all that other stuff. So, I finagled my way out […]