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I, Me, and Mine

Isn’t it strange that we see a politician jumping at the opportunity to “grab” glory or favorable credit for things someone else has done? Or is that the norm in this society today? When a person in high office claims the rewards for action taken by his subordinates, that is wrong!  (Recent) case in point […]

What is “Stealth”?

In the past few years we have heard a lot about the development and deployment of stealth aircraft, piloted and unmanned. They have been very effective in recent military actions. So, what IS stealth? The dictionary describes stealth as: action to avoid detection: the action of doing something slowly, quietly, and covertly, in order to avoid […]

Remember the Encyclopedia?

Ah, the good old days of going to the library and spending hours and hours doing research! Well, I guess those days are gone – forever. With our access to the Internet which hosts myriads of “search” capabilities, why would we use a written, bound book? BC (Before Computers) the only recourse in learning new […]

Pink Slime

Well, now, they have slipped another in on us – Pink Slime! In case you have not read about it, that is the common name (but rejected by the food industry) for a not-so-new “additive” to processed meat products.I say “not so new” because this has been going on for years but we are just […]