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Thanks To All !

This shows how much we are respected and loved in the world.   Thanks to ALL of the countries who helped the U.S. after hurricane “Sandy”  I think it is highly appropriate that we send THANKS to all of the countries that have reciprocated for our help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, & poverty […]

Now Available – My AUDIO Biography

Five years ago I published my biography as an E-book and developed a WEB site to handle publicity and purchase of it. As the sales began sagging, I discontinued the separate WEB site and moved all the information onto this site (see “Danny’s Biography” at the top of the page). Several people have asked that […]

The “Tracie” Story Is On This Site

The touching story of “Tracie” was on the KingsWay Ministries site but that site was down for “re-construction” and I moved the story here. It is now available from both sites. Over 35,000 people have read the story – and untold babies have been saved from abortion! Follow the link by clicking on the announcement […]

“Veteran” Presidents

(Inspired by Ed M.) Can you name the presidents who were veterans of military service? Try these: •    George Washington: Revolutionary War (Continental Army) •    James Monroe: Revolutionary War (Continental Army) •    Andrew Jackson: War of 1812 (Army) •    William Henry Harrison: Indian campaigns (Army) •    John Tyler: War of 1812 (Army) •    Franklin Pierce: […]