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The Volt – Part 2

Last March, I initially wrote about, the Chevrolet Volt,  the “All-Electric” battery operated car. In that article my main emphasis was regarding the cost of re-charging the batteries; that someone had to pay for the electricity used to make it go. Recently that same vehicle has gone under the microscope of the news media, regarding […]

Miles Per Gallon

Long ago & far away, in the land and time of my youth, there was plenty of gasoline (petroleum) and the cost was low (around 29¢ per gallon). Few people concerned themselves about availability or cost; we kids could scrape up enough for a half-dollar’s worth, plenty to last a week or so. The cost […]

Cost of Fuel — UP Again?

If costs are the same where you live, you have noticed that gasoline prices are (WAY) up by nearly double this time last year. I wonder why? (TV) news reports tell us that it is related to fear – fear that the Mid-Eastern oil producing countries will curtail the flow of oil from their ports, […]

Cost of Fuel Oil

Unless you have an all-electric car (such as the Fisker Karma, made in Finland – developed with American tax monies), you are very aware of the fluctuating prices of gasoline. Depending primarily on the stock market and the price per barrel of crude oil in the various production areas around the world, you can see the […]