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28 Years Ago – – –

January 31, 1986 – a day many Americans who were around then will remember as the day the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded one minute and 13 seconds after lift-off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With a close-up view (8 miles away) that image has been indelibly etched into my memory. Prior to that tragic […]

“Family” at Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is virtually closed down at the moment; hopefully it will be re-activated before too long (maybe right after the next election?). To review the situation “down there”, the KSC side of the facility in Florida – some 125,000 acres of mostly swamp – was used since the late 1950’s as the […]

Kennedy Space Center . . . What Next?

Recently we viewed the launch (and return – landing) of the final space shuttle mission. That was a scheduled event – on the plan since the beginning, way back on April 12, 1981 when John Young and Bob Crippen first took Columbia into low-earth orbit space. The space shuttle was designed and build primarily to […]

NASA, Russia & the Muslim Community

A few weeks ago one of our astronauts lifted off on a Russian Soyuz rocket in Kazakhstan, along with two other “astronauts”. What happens next since Barack Hussein Obama has cut NASA’s finding – – –