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Voyager – On a REAL Voyage!

Occasionally people, when discovering that I worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, ask about the benefits of the space program, its expense, and purpose. I have mentioned in previous articles on this site a number of benefits Here are some of the links: KSC, Saturn, Hydrogen Fuel, China, The Future, “Family“. In 1977, even six […]

Traffic Distractions

I think everyone knows that texting or even operating a cellular device while driving is asking for disaster. Many states have enacted legislation to outlaw those practices – even others ban the use by anyone in a moving vehicle. I personally do not use or answer cell phone calls while driving (also I do not […]

Cyber Warfare

Recently I have written several articles about (Unmanned) and (Stealth) warfare in which there would be none or at best, limited casualties. Obviously none would be the better choice! Now, there is yet another method of warfare in the works. In fact, it has been around for several years but has not been attributed to […]

Outsourcing – The Sending Away Of American Jobs !

Outsourcing, or sending jobs that are normally done in one place to another, based on financial or technological reasons, has been going on for some time. But, with the market climate as it is today it is even more pronounced. “Made in Japan” was a moniker that was attached to cheap, non-dependable merchandise made in […]