In Memory

In Memory Of

I couldn’t build a WEB site about myself without including a “tribute” to the two great ladies who were shining parts of my personal family life! Although they are no longer with us in body, they certainly are a part of our memories. And, best of all, because they were both Christians, I have God’s promise that I WILL see them again (1 Thes 4:13-17 NKJV)!

Tracie Michelle True was the first to leave. Tracie was adopted by Teresa and me in 1967 when she was just 5 months old. So, since we had her from almost the beginning, she felt like a “birth child” to us.  Being in a foster home with seven other (older) children for the first five months, it seemed only natural that she required, no – demanded a lot of attention! But, she was the love of our life since the doctors told us that we couldn’t produce children. That was proved incorrect, for after three more years, we had our natural son, Daniel II, known as Marty (Marty is President of X-Static Media Group that is featured at the top of this page).

Tracie was such a pleasant person to be around that she developed many friendships. She trusted everyone, but that could have been a downside for her later in life.

Since Tracie was adopted and lived such a special, if not limited life, her mother and I were (still are) advocates for adoption over abortion. I have written an account of her life in a short biography – “Tracie, Alternative To Abortion“. It can be read and/or downloaded from THIS SITE. There you can read more about her life.


Teresa Brickey True was my wife of 44 and ½ years. I “found” her in my home town in Virginia. She was preparing to leave for “airline stewardess” school (yes, they call them flight attendants now) when we discovered each other.  She would have been a natural for that type of work; she was beautiful and slender, weighing just 88 pounds! However, she had never been on a plane until years after we were married!

Her plans changed when she met me for we both experienced “love at first sight”. An (engagement) year later, we were married and moved to Tennessee where I had a REAL job waiting for me (I had just returned from a stint in the U.S. Army). You can read more about the “Erwin” years in another page on this site (and under About Me).

She was highly talented, probably developed from her shyness in the early years at home. The picture at the right should be in color; she made the dress from green pool-table fabric and topped it with fake fur. It was gorgeous and expensive looking – but reminiscent of  Scarlett’s “drapery” dress in “Gone With The Wind“!

This picture is of me
at the same time in 1961 —
suave, debonair –
well, kinda slouchy!
I think I probably have
the same shirt!

Later, but still in Tennessee, we looked like this:

While we lived in TN, we had two wonderful children: Tracie, by adoption, and Marty (Daniel II). Both kids graduated from Titusville High School; Tracie in 1985 and Marty in 1989.

After our move to Florida in 1982, Teresa and I became more involved in church/ministry work. We were ordained into the Ministry at the same time in 1995 . She worked primarily with women, especially “neglected” and abused ladies and girls.

This picture was taken of us in our “Coffee House” in Florida, in 1999:

In 2005, Teresa and I moved to North Carolina for the purpose of relocating our (KingsWay) Ministry and were working together at that until her death in 2006, from cancer.

She IS missed!