Cyber Warfare

Recently I have written several articles about (Unmanned) and (Stealth) warfare in which there would be none or at best, limited casualties. Obviously none would be the better choice!

Now, there is yet another method of warfare in the works. In fact, it has been around for several years but has not been attributed to the military (at least we have not known about it). It’s known as Cyber Warfare.

I, Me, and Mine

Isn’t it strange that we see a politician jumping at the opportunity to “grab” glory or favorable credit for things someone else has done? Or is that the norm in this society today?

When a person in high office claims the rewards for action taken by his subordinates, that is wrong!  (Recent) case in point is the  laying of  claim during the re-election bid being spun by Obama after OUR troops have accomplished some resounding feats during his watch .

What is “Stealth”?

In the past few years we have heard a lot about the development and deployment of stealth aircraft, piloted and unmanned. They have been very effective in recent military actions. So, what IS stealth?

The dictionary describes stealth as: action to avoid detection: the action of doing something slowly, quietly, and covertly, in order to avoid detection. MILITARY: almost undetectable by radar: used to describe aircraft whose design incorporates technology and materials that minimize the likelihood of detection by enemy radar.

Remember the Encyclopedia?

Ah, the good old days of going to the library and spending hours and hours doing research! Well, I guess those days are gone – forever. With our access to the Internet which hosts myriads of “search” capabilities, why would we use a written, bound book?

BC (Before Computers) the only recourse in learning new and “exciting” things was to go to the school or public library and try to find volumes relative to the information we were seeking. That would literally take hours. (Remember the Dewey Decimal System?). Heaven help you if you were trying to find information to include in a year-end report! No time for the movies, the drive-in restaurant or just standing on the corner, leaning on the parking meters. No, you were stuck for the “duration.”