Remember the Encyclopedia?

Ah, the good old days of going to the library and spending hours and hours doing research! Well, I guess those days are gone – forever. With our access to the Internet which hosts myriads of “search” capabilities, why would we use a written, bound book?

BC (Before Computers) the only recourse in learning new and “exciting” things was to go to the school or public library and try to find volumes relative to the information we were seeking. That would literally take hours. (Remember the Dewey Decimal System?). Heaven help you if you were trying to find information to include in a year-end report! No time for the movies, the drive-in restaurant or just standing on the corner, leaning on the parking meters. No, you were stuck for the “duration.”

Pink Slime

Well, now, they have slipped another in on us – Pink Slime!

In case you have not read about it, that is the common name (but rejected by the food industry) for a not-so-new “additive” to processed meat products.I say “not so new” because this has been going on for years but we are just now learning about it.

Are SuperPACs Stealing The Election?


SO, what IS a Super PAC, you say? Well, here’s what I can find out.

PAC stands for Political Action Committee. A political action committee, or PAC, is an organization in the United States that campaigns for or against political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation.

Outsourcing – The Sending Away Of American Jobs !

Outsourcing, or sending jobs that are normally done in one place to another, based on financial or technological reasons, has been going on for some time. But, with the market climate as it is today it is even more pronounced.

“Made in Japan” was a moniker that was attached to cheap, non-dependable merchandise made in Japan soon after the end of World War II. I can remember that metal items, such as tools, tin cans and the like were labeled at “made from discarded G.I. beer cans”. And, probably that was a fairly accurate evaluation for the time.