Outsourcing – The Sending Away Of American Jobs !

Outsourcing, or sending jobs that are normally done in one place to another, based on financial or technological reasons, has been going on for some time. But, with the market climate as it is today it is even more pronounced.

“Made in Japan” was a moniker that was attached to cheap, non-dependable merchandise made in Japan soon after the end of World War II. I can remember that metal items, such as tools, tin cans and the like were labeled at “made from discarded G.I. beer cans”. And, probably that was a fairly accurate evaluation for the time.

Rapidly Approaching “Police State”

For three years we have seen some rather unusual and questionable activity in the Federal Government, mainly within the Executive Branch, that makes us wonder how long it will take before we become a fully fitted-out police state!

First, we saw the installation of “Czars” (see my article “American Czars ” from November 2010) – Cabinet appointees surreptitiously installed by Obama to circumvent the requirement that Cabinet nominees be vetted and confirmed by the Senate.

Political Correctness – Part Three

 For a few days before and through Easter Sunday, for the second year, we ran on this and the KingsWay WEB site the latest (2011) “Resurrection Day street dance” from Faith Church in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.  That made me reflect or at least wonder about “political implications” for something so large.

In years past if a church or organization attempted such an activity in this country, there would not have been much government involvement. Certainly a permit would have been issued and police assigned to provide security and safety. But, I seriously doubt if it would be that simple these days!

The Flying Pentagon

The “Flying Pentagon” recently appeared in Melbourne, Florida, and was photographed by a retired former “computer customer” friend of mine at Kennedy Space Center.

Although not a new concept, the modified Boeing 747, a little shorter than a football field in length and five stories tall, provides a greater capability to serve the military needs of this country in case of attack or calamity at the Pentagon. With its equipment and specially trained crew, it can take command of Pentagon functions. There are four of these craft on standby at strategic locations or in the air, providing on-going security for our nation.