Attack on the KingsWay Site

For about six months there have been a number of attacks or “invasions” upon the KingsWay Ministries WEB site, primarily through the e-mail  program on our server. First, a profusion of spam, then manipulation of the Ministries’ e-mail account/name. This has been an inconvenience to say the least. Literally hundreds (200-600) of “undeliverable” e-mail sent out in our name has been sent back to our server daily placing a resource load on the equipment.

Presidential Perversion of the Gospel


Obviously, the political (election) process is in full swing. That was made apparent at the recent Prayer Breakfast at the White House when the president was making his comments.

In an effort to sway the “religious” people gathered there to his agenda of taking money from the rich and handing it to those who, for whatever reason are not working, he invoked words of Jesus to “make” his point.


Cost of Fuel — UP Again?

If costs are the same where you live, you have noticed that gasoline prices are (WAY) up by nearly double this time last year. I wonder why?

(TV) news reports tell us that it is related to fear – fear that the Mid-Eastern oil producing countries will curtail the flow of oil from their ports, and even Iran blocking the paths of the ship carrying the liquid gold.


Are You Active Yet?

This is to follow up on an article dated March 22, 2010. Although it is a year later, the posting is certainly timely (probably more so) today.

Please click on the red link, above, and review it. I presented a few things that we, individually, can do to affect the outcome of (any) election.

Since the “2012” campaign season is already getting up to speed with the (too) many “debates” (or are those arguments?) in the Republican camp, and the almost-daily “non-government paid ” re-election trips in the (two) million-dollar Canadian presidential buses that you and I bought, I guess we can say they are on the way!