Cost of Fuel — UP Again?

If costs are the same where you live, you have noticed that gasoline prices are (WAY) up by nearly double this time last year. I wonder why?

(TV) news reports tell us that it is related to fear – fear that the Mid-Eastern oil producing countries will curtail the flow of oil from their ports, and even Iran blocking the paths of the ship carrying the liquid gold.


Are You Active Yet?

This is to follow up on an article dated March 22, 2010. Although it is a year later, the posting is certainly timely (probably more so) today.

Please click on the red link, above, and review it. I presented a few things that we, individually, can do to affect the outcome of (any) election.

Since the “2012” campaign season is already getting up to speed with the (too) many “debates” (or are those arguments?) in the Republican camp, and the almost-daily “non-government paid ” re-election trips in the (two) million-dollar Canadian presidential buses that you and I bought, I guess we can say they are on the way!

The NEW Scan Codes

Have you seen the new bar codes yet? Or, to say it more precisely, do you know what they mean or what they are for???

As with ALL technology, this is the latest design, the most modern of product identifiers. So, how do they work . . . ?

Keeping the Faith in the (Legal) Profession

 By Carol Daugherty Rasnic

ED: Carol Daugherty Rasnic is Professor of Law emerita at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She has practiced law in Tennessee and Virginia and has taught at several law schools in Austria, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Rasnic has contributed articles to this WEB site in the past and is a treasured friend  as we grew up in our hometown.

Is the term “Christian lawyer” an oxymoron?  Although the bar rules of ethics can be draconian, it can nonetheless be a battle for the lawyer to follow the demands of his faith.