The NEW Scan Codes

Have you seen the new bar codes yet? Or, to say it more precisely, do you know what they mean or what they are for???

As with ALL technology, this is the latest design, the most modern of product identifiers. So, how do they work . . . ?

Keeping the Faith in the (Legal) Profession

 By Carol Daugherty Rasnic

ED: Carol Daugherty Rasnic is Professor of Law emerita at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She has practiced law in Tennessee and Virginia and has taught at several law schools in Austria, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Rasnic has contributed articles to this WEB site in the past and is a treasured friend  as we grew up in our hometown.

Is the term “Christian lawyer” an oxymoron?  Although the bar rules of ethics can be draconian, it can nonetheless be a battle for the lawyer to follow the demands of his faith.



The movie “Dave” is a 1993 comedy/drama starring Kevin Cline and Sigourney Weaver. It is the story of a look-alike who was hired to substitute for  “the President” one evening while the  latter was “busy” in an extra-marital event. The President, obviously overstressed in his “work”, has a near-fatal heart attack, is in a coma, and Dave was convinced to continue the impersonation while unscrupulous White House officials decided on a resolution to the situation.

Lawyers, Candle-stick Makers, etc.

“Legal disclaimer”: I have a lot of friends (well, a couple of  ’em at least!) who are lawyers; this is NOT aimed at them.


While sitting in front of the TV, I notice that there are a LOT of  “wrongful” – (death), (sickness), (accident), (injury) case offers that, if you call their number you most certainly will get a substantial settlement.  Asbestos, bad medicine, auto accident or whatever, there is almost always a lawyer out there who is willing to handle your case. I call them “ambulance chasers”.