Hydrogen – Fuel Of The Future (Today?)

The hydrogen fuel cell is not a new idea. It was invented in 1839 by Sir William Grove, a Welsh judge, but at that time there were NO vehicles on the road! It took 127 more years to develop a car with a fuel cell.

Still, development of the cell progressed over the years and in October of 1959, Harry Karl Ihrig, an engineer for the Allis – Chalmers Manufacturing Company, demonstrated a 20-horsepower tractor that was the first vehicle ever powered by a fuel cell.

Danny & the Union

After a period of unemployment while still living in Tennessee years ago, I was hired by “the telephone company” as a Microwave Technician. Tennessee was/is a “right to work” state.

The job was a “union” position; however, while you were not required to join the union, you had to operate under union jurisdiction. After I was on the job one month, the union, in the midst of a contract dispute with management, decided to “go out” on a strike.

China Going To The Moon?

At a time when the Obama administration has decided that we need to “cut back” on manned space exploration and the costs that are required for that program, China has announced a five-year plan to begin exploration of the moon.

Everyone in government and society as a whole understands the military advantages of establishing a base of operation on our nearest “space neighbor”.  Our world-shattering accomplishment of 1969 of landing, having man walk & explore the moon and return safely to earth ended following the launch of Apollo 17 in December, 1972.

Facts on Smoking – Humorous, and not-so

First of all, let me state that I am “a recovering smoker” (I quit 35 years ago). So, I am not one of those who would criticize without having knowledge or experience.

All my life I detested smoking. My parents smoked before that “warning label” was placed on tobacco products. When I got to high school, some of my friends smoked. But, still I refrained from the peer pressure.