China Going To The Moon?

At a time when the Obama administration has decided that we need to “cut back” on manned space exploration and the costs that are required for that program, China has announced a five-year plan to begin exploration of the moon.

Everyone in government and society as a whole understands the military advantages of establishing a base of operation on our nearest “space neighbor”.  Our world-shattering accomplishment of 1969 of landing, having man walk & explore the moon and return safely to earth ended following the launch of Apollo 17 in December, 1972.

Facts on Smoking – Humorous, and not-so

First of all, let me state that I am “a recovering smoker” (I quit 35 years ago). So, I am not one of those who would criticize without having knowledge or experience.

All my life I detested smoking. My parents smoked before that “warning label” was placed on tobacco products. When I got to high school, some of my friends smoked. But, still I refrained from the peer pressure.

Unmanned Warfare – The Way To Go !

How long has mankind dreamed of settling disputes between nations in ways other than declaring war and losing thousands if not millions of troops? Well, we could be there – now!!

This is not a recent innovation. Several hundred years ago, with the development of lighter-than-air craft (balloons, dirigibles, etc.), they were used primarily for surveillance (as were the first powered airplanes in the early 20th Century). Then some clever sergeant put a gun on-board, followed by bombs and rockets. It now became an offensive vehicle.

Cost of Fuel Oil

Unless you have an all-electric car (such as the Fisker Karma, made in Finland – developed with American tax monies), you are very aware of the fluctuating prices of gasoline. Depending primarily on the stock market and the price per barrel of crude oil in the various production areas around the world, you can see the pump price go up and down.

However, the price going up is far greater and more immediate than when the market indicates a drop. For instance (and I have been tracking this for a long time), the price per gallon will jump UP overnight by several cents when the stock market shows a rise, but when a drop is due it may take a number of days, even a week, to see that drop reflected at the pump. And, even then, the drop will be one or two pennies, not at the rate it went up!