Penn State’s Pickle

I am not necessarily a fan of Penn State football. Well, I will watch it if there is not another equally-interesting game on Saturday, but I prefer other teams/games. Certainly they are performing better than my favorite, the University of Tennessee!

Obamacare Hitting “Home” — Today

I recently sent, or rather, Forwarded, an email to several close friends that had a link ( to a video which highlighted items in the Obamacare law (H.R.3200) . One of them responded that it had already hit him (and his wife) right in the face!

Names withheld for obvious reasons, this gentleman works for a not-for-profit ministry. His wife has chronic health issues and, since he has her on his “health insurance” plan at work, his premiums are lower than if she was on Medicare. Having worked a while for a similar ministry, I know he suffers from a low income at best. So, any way they can save money they turn to it. Right now, he is not at retirement age.

The Cost of Cancer

At the end of my article on “Pink” and cancer research I referred to the costs involved in research and how it is done.

As with any research, whether in  medicine or developing automobile models or the like, a lot of time is spent trying various methods – much trial and error – until a desired resolution comes forth. Those processes take up a lot of time, labor costs, for which there is no return on the unsuitable tests. Only until the finished product is marketed does the research pay off.

“Space Florida” to Use Some NASA (KSC) Buildings

Now that the American Space Shuttle Program is officially over, the space agency has just signed off a number of facilities at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to a company called Space Florida.

This agreement – which NASA officials announced  October 31 – will ensure that those installations will be put to good use in the coming years, rather than left to decay now that no shuttles remain to use them.