Is PINK Really “Black”?

October was the month to recognize (and support) Breast Cancer Awareness. We saw a lot of pink showing that support – big burly football players in their cute pink cleats, pink towels, tennis shoes, arm bands – you name it, pink was the color of choice everywhere, in sports, other venues and on the street.

True, we need to be made aware of the devastation of breast (as well as other forms of) cancer, but one wonders just how much was spent on “pink“? Ribbons, flags, banners; all the items that were used (sold) to make us aware cost a lot of money. For instance, the shoes that football players use – they aren’t cheap, and that includes ones that have pink enhancements. And, helmets; a good helmet is probably in the $100 range. I wonder how much a team would spend to outfit all the 40+ players with new pink helmets!

Is YouTube Putting Us at Risk?

On the multiple WEB sites I maintain I have been using YouTube for a number of years. They have been good for displaying some interesting, instructive and even inspirational videos. Actually, they are only a “platform”, a venue if you will, for people to upload their videos for display, and viewers select the videos of choice.

It has worked fairly well since its inception, although they have at times put commercial advertising in their “suggested videos” list. That’s okay, for they have to make money somehow to support their presence. And, those ads were “user selectable “; they weren’t forced upon you.

What is “Cutting Edge Technology” ?

The President is touting his work & jobs bill by inserting it into his re-election campaign and with ads on YouTube and other media. At the same time he is defending his support of Solyndra and other “hi-tech, cutting edge” companies who are purportedly developing more “green” or oil-free sources of energy.

In a recently televised news conference at the White House, he continued to use that phrase, “cutting edge technology” in defense of his clamorous economic handouts. So, just what is he talking about?

Enemy Combatant or American Citizen ?

Our troops overseas in their on-going war are doing a fine job. Properly, because of security reasons, we just don’t know what they are doing, but the lack of a “play-by-play” account sometimes makes us feel as though it is a waste of time, material and most of all, the lives of our young people, male & female. The fact they are accomplishing their mission has been brought to light in the killing and capture of highly placed figures in the enemy organizations within the past year.