Enemy Combatant or American Citizen ?

Our troops overseas in their on-going war are doing a fine job. Properly, because of security reasons, we just don’t know what they are doing, but the lack of a “play-by-play” account sometimes makes us feel as though it is a waste of time, material and most of all, the lives of our young people, male & female. The fact they are accomplishing their mission has been brought to light in the killing and capture of highly placed figures in the enemy organizations within the past year.

My Teresa


Teresa B. True was born on October 7, 1942 and passed away on November 10, 2006.

I choose to remember her birthday, the beginning of her 64 years — 441/2 years as my wife.

“Just Pay Additional Handling Charges – – – “

How gullible does the advertising world (yes, I was part of that world earlier in my life – now I am at the gullible age) think we educated citizens are?  They feel they can use trickery to make a sale or fleece us out of what little money we have left. (They run their ad then give you their phone number four (4) times just in case us old folks don’t write fast enough the first time).

My name is Linda and I’m 70 years old – can you believe it” (well, yes).

Insurance Companies – Legalized Rip-off?

You have insurance don’t you?  Of COURSE you do! You’d better, if you have/drive a car, have a mortgage, etc.

Insurance is one of those things that belongs in the “good/bad” category – good when you need it but not if you have to pay for 50-60 years without a claim.