I’m Gone From Facebook

nofaceWell, I’m fed up with Facebook and it’s ultra-slanted political positioning! A few days ago I posted a link to my article on “Crusade Against Christians“, which is a critical report about OUR Nation not going to the aid of those who are being slaughtered.

As I have done in the past (and incidentally, others post links that are not only politically sensitive but both profane and “R” rated) I posted a link to my article. Well, it stayed on Facebook for about 10 minutes and then it was removed. After noticing that, I re-posted it and, again, it was removed.

I followed that up with a simple text posting stating that Facebook had removed (the link to) my article. In 12 minutes THAT was removed as well.

Crusade Against Christians?

isisThe “Junior Varsity” team, Barack Hussein Obumma’s label for the radical Islamic group known as ISIS or ISIL, has trumped their previous outrage by beheading 21 Christians in Egypt. They made a production of it by lining them up in a “chorus line” fashion and choreographed the timing of the executions.

Prior to that they butchered a number of children simply because of their Christian faith. I have seen pictures of that carnage – the heads of 2-3 year olds, mostly girls, positioned on top of their prone decapitated bodies, like a line-up of trophies.

Obviously, most of the world is appalled by this slaughter of defenseless children and persons of  faiths other than Muslim. But, WHAT are WE doing about it?

Empathize With Our Enemy ???

Chamberlain and Hitler in MunichWell, the Queen of Washington and Presidential wannabe has uttered yet another ignorant statement. Or was Hillary only speaking her heart?

A few days ago, the former Secretary of State, in addressing a questionable audience, stated that we need to “empathize” with our enemy – ISIS – or any of the many forms of radical Muslims who are hell-bent on destroying not only this Nation but Christians, Jews and any unbelievers (infidels, in their holy book). 

Perhaps the learned madam doesn’t understand the meaning of that word – “be understanding of” or “sympathize”. Hilly, how can we be sympathetic with a cult that has as a primary goal to kill us all?

“I Swear – – -“

Germany - 1959Fifty seven years ago, June 10, 1957, I entered the service of the United States Army, for a three year enlistment. The FIRST thing that was required of me was to swear allegiance to the United States. “I do solemnly swear to support and to defend the Constitution of the United States . . .”.

I took that commitment seriously, including up to sacrificing my own life. Fortunately, during that time frame, I was not subjected to any combative action.

My enlistment ended three years later, BUT my commitment to defend the Constitution did not end – it is still a valid, viable aspect of my life. Many people have died in this effort including a number of my own comrades in the military.