“We Con The World”

From Israel, the Flotilla Choir  – – –


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Kennedy Space Center . . . What Next?

Recently we viewed the launch (and return – landing) of the final space shuttle mission. That was a scheduled event – on the plan since the beginning, way back on April 12, 1981 when John Young and Bob Crippen first took Columbia into low-earth orbit space.

The space shuttle was designed and build primarily to transport parts for the assembly of the International Space Station. Over the years, in addition to support for the  Space Station, the shuttle was used for other purposes. For instance, it deployed the Hubble electron telescope and, later, repaired the same to correct malfunctions and replace aging parts.  Devices such as Hubble are just too large to launch on an unmanned rocket; the shuttle could take payloads the size of a bus!

Secret Defense Department missions and other satellites were also supported.


Riots & Things Like That – – –

We’re reading and seeing a lot about the riots overseas, mainly in Europe & the Mid East. It appears to have started in Egypt and spread to Greece and Libya, and now in the United Kingdom.

Apparently there are different reasons and situations that have sparked the unrest in the various places. In Egypt and Libya it was a rallying against unruly rulers. Let’s face it, people want to be free! However, in Greece and Ireland the unrest is more of a financial one – the people and the countries are broke.


Belated 4th of July Message


Although a month or so late, I was browsing through some old scrap books and found a picture and the actual dialog sheet from the Bi-Centennial  (July 4, 1976) celebration that was held in Tennessee. My daughter and I had a “reading” part which we acted out. She was 9 and and I was – uh – older!

Tracie, like all the ladies, was dressed in her period outfit and I sported my “Abe Lincoln” beard (and a LOT of hair). She memorized all of her part – I cheated, reading from a cue sheet in my hand. It went like this: