Computer Awareness – Part 2

Continuing on the theme of “there’s nothing free out there”, let’s look again at your family desktop PC or laptop or other version of computer that you might have.

Recently there have been a plethora of TV ads that show the guy, angered by “viruses” on his PC and starting to go to the store for help. Then the wife (?) suddenly appears with the revelation that you can have a certain software program scan and repair your computer, for free. “Wow, honey”!

While it is true that you can go to their WEB site and, yes, there is a “button” where you can get a FREE scan (emphasis on the word “scan”) of your PC that will reveal everything that is wrong with that device, it leaves you with less than complete information.

Medal of Honor – Afghanistan

Removed from an ambushed platoon of Marines and soldiers in a remote Afghan village on Sept. 8, 2009, his reality viciously shaken by an onslaught of enemy fighters, Cpl. Dakota Meyer simply reacted as he knew best — tackling what he called “extraordinary circumstances” by “doing the right thing … whatever it takes.”

“We Con The World”

From Israel, the Flotilla Choir  – – –


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Kennedy Space Center . . . What Next?

Recently we viewed the launch (and return – landing) of the final space shuttle mission. That was a scheduled event – on the plan since the beginning, way back on April 12, 1981 when John Young and Bob Crippen first took Columbia into low-earth orbit space.

The space shuttle was designed and build primarily to transport parts for the assembly of the International Space Station. Over the years, in addition to support for the  Space Station, the shuttle was used for other purposes. For instance, it deployed the Hubble electron telescope and, later, repaired the same to correct malfunctions and replace aging parts.  Devices such as Hubble are just too large to launch on an unmanned rocket; the shuttle could take payloads the size of a bus!

Secret Defense Department missions and other satellites were also supported.