Belated 4th of July Message


Although a month or so late, I was browsing through some old scrap books and found a picture and the actual dialog sheet from the Bi-Centennial  (July 4, 1976) celebration that was held in Tennessee. My daughter and I had a “reading” part which we acted out. She was 9 and and I was – uh – older!

Tracie, like all the ladies, was dressed in her period outfit and I sported my “Abe Lincoln” beard (and a LOT of hair). She memorized all of her part – I cheated, reading from a cue sheet in my hand. It went like this:

Walmart Gift Card Gas Discount

Welcomed relief!

Murphy Oil which operates gas stations associated with some Walmart locations has instituted a schedule of lower gas prices, using the Walmart “Gift Card”. Their price reductions extend through the month of September.

The reductions vary by state in the  around 20 states in which they operate, probably because of price regulations. For instance, in Florida, there is a 5¢ per gallon reduction whereas in Tennessee and North Carolina, the discount is 10¢ per gallon. In either case, any saving in the cost of gasoline is welcomed!


Advice on Software “Updates”


All of us use software products that, from time to time, need to be updated. This is prompted by further advancements on the functionality of the product, to fix “bugs” and problems that have been discovered since the last release and to make improvements to the “feel” and operation. However there should be some wisdom applied BEFORE you “upgrade”.

Inattentiveness or Just Too Busy?

Inattentiveness; adjective, “not showing due care or attention“.

Are we getting TOO busy in our everyday lives?

Many times I notice that when I communicate with people, either by e-mail, typed and mailed letters or otherwise, the recipient just doesn’t read the whole document before replying or acting upon it.This is not an occasional situation, it happens far too often.

This could cause problems or at least concerns about the attention that your respondent is giving to you.