Reflections on the Casey Anthony Trial

You have not read any comments or articles from me regarding the infamous situation surrounding the death of 2-year-old  Caylee Anthony and the subsequent trial for murder of her mother, Casey.  This was by my intent.

Having lived in the Orlando/Central Florida area when this story first broke and the years of “discovery” and investigation that followed, we in that area were besieged with  virtually daily “updates” regarding the case.

The trial is over and Casey has been deemed “not guilty” in the three major charges against her. This has raised much controversy, in Florida and elsewhere, in the news media, etc. People wanted to see Caylee’s obvious horrific death avenged. That hasn’t happened.


Evolution of Portable Phones

Every time I turn on the TV there is a commercial for yet another, “improved” version of cell phone. In fact, they have gone FAR beyond simple telephones to hand-held devices that will do just about everything your home computer (and laptops) will do, and maybe even more.

But, do you know just how recent the modern cell phone is? Here’s a short history:

Portable phone usage began about 65 years ago, in 1946 when Bell Labs installed a telephone in a vehicle with a wireless  radio connection to a “base station”. Since then, the quest for smaller instruments and better mobile coverage began.

We The People – – –


The People Speak, Mr. Obama !

Although the election (or re-election) campaign season has just begun and we have a year and a half until election day, it would be good to reflect upon the subject matter highlighted in this video – – –

“I Love Me Some Rednecks”

Loretta Gillespie
Moulton Advertiser (Alabama)
May 7, 2011

“Most all of us around here have born the brunt of remarks from people outside Lawrence County about being rednecks. Well, I’m here to tell you right now that I love me some Lawrence County rednecks!