Uprisings in the Mid-East & Elsewhere


For several months now we have seen “continuing coverage” on virtually every news venue; newspapers, magazines, radio & TV/Cable news and talk shows. Mostly they emphasize the carnage that has and is occurring in those nations where the people are “up in arms”. Most are demonstrating and even fighting to see democracy established in their land. They are tired of being oppressed.

The Volt & Alternative Fuel Cars

As the price of automobile fuel increases and attention to alternative method of powering our cars is on the “front burner” that brings up some interesting questions.

Chevrolet is heavily publicizing the new “Volt”, its all-electric vehicle. It appears simple enough – just plug it in to a special electrical outlet at your house and it recharges its trunk-load of heavy and costly “deep-cycle”, specially-made-in-Japan, batteries. However, there ARE a few drawbacks; the range is limited before you need a recharge of the batteries. They perform well; quietly and at good speeds, but normal highway speed consumes energy at a rather high rate. As with high speed driving in gas-powered cars, efficiency and economy drops rapidly.

Unions – Part Two


Following up my recent article about unions and my personal “contact” with them, we need to look more closely at the “public” unions – that is, unions that are formed to benefit government workers. This includes ALL forms of tax-payer-funded jobs,including teachers, first responders and some utility workers (city water & sewer, municipal power companies – even publicly-owned hospitals).

“Look for the Union Label” – late 1800’s label.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Is there oil to be found (quickly) in the USA? You need to view this regarding a new bill before Congress to drill in ANWR (in Alaska). Very interesting – worth your five minutes. Wonder if our Congresspersons will approve this???