Nature’s New Growth

chivesWe are well into spring now. Spruce Pine (NC) is about two weeks behind the growing season of other communities, being at above 3,000′ elevation. Now, we are seeing signs of flowers and other plants rushing to bloom and producing seed for the next season.

For example, the chives that you see in this photo, having survived the very harsh, cold winter here, came up from last years planting. The freeze “killed” the above-ground plant but the bulb or crop of seeds were deep enough to have survived. Strangely, most all the plants shot straight up and formed the beautiful flowers that you see. This did not occur last season. Perhaps the plants knew that they had to replicate themselves quickly in order to prepare for a possible hard freeze next winter!

Are Book Burnings Next?

Nazis burning books in Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII

Nazis burning books in Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII

The Obama administration has indicated that they are going to charge the Federal Communications Commission to embed “observers” into the news rooms of TV and Cable news outlets (like Fox News) to “determine” what constitutes “acceptable” news to be delivered to the public over those facilities. In short, you will be able to see ONLY the news items that Obama allows!

How similar to the antics of Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany is this? First they controlled the news on radio (there was no TV then). Next they burned books deemed unacceptable to their agenda and censored all “unacceptable” stories from newspapers .

28 Years Ago – – –

220px-Challenger_explosionJanuary 31, 1986 – a day many Americans who were around then will remember as the day the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded one minute and 13 seconds after lift-off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With a close-up view (8 miles away) that image has been indelibly etched into my memory.

Prior to that tragic day, on January 27, 1967, Gus GrissomEdward White II and Roger Chaffee died from a cabin fire in a dress rehearsal for a flight aboard Apollo 1, the precursor to the flight to the moon in 1969.

Then, on February 1, 2003, the Columbia broke apart over Texas upon an attempted re-entry. Seven more astronauts were lost in that event.

Snow Removal – NC

Animated_Christmas_HouseSusBrrr !

With the recent inclement weather (very low temperatures, snow, ice, etc.) that has affected most of the United States, the emphasis has been on Metropolitan Atlanta. Although they had only several inches of snow, because of its geographical location (the South) they did not have a plan or equipment in place to handle the problem. Due to that, many thousands of people became stranded in vehicles, schools, etc.

Chick-fil-et  and others supplied free food to the stranded and actually delivered it to motorists on the Interstates and other highways.

In the early 60’s I was in Atlanta in January for a week and, while there they experienced a one-inch snowfall. The city began shutting down at noon and, by 5 o’clock the streets were empty except for a few of us from “up North” who were seen walking in the snow and wondering why all the fuss over an inch of snow!