Passivity in Christianity – ?

In the recent past, there has been an attitude that Christians should be the silent minority (even though there are more people in the United States professing to be Christian than not) and that we should be neither seen nor heard. This not only encompasses our daily lives but public and political as well.

That attitude is as far from the ethics established by Jesus, and the foundation of the “Church”, as is possible!  True, the moral principle of “turning the other cheek” is well known and, quite frankly, has been used against the Church when retaliation would be the call of the hour. We are expected to stand and let physical or verbal “blows” bounce off us, without comment or action.

“I Believe” – By a 6 Year Old !

Six year old Connie Talbot, heartthrob from “Britian’s Got Talent“, sings “I Believe“.

A message appropriate for all of us at any age!

(See the video)

American Czars – WHAAAT? (discretionary)

Tsar (also spelled czar, tzar, szar, ssar or csar) is a title used to designate certain monarchs or supreme rulers.It is is a Slavic term which is derived from Caesar – – -. In the European medieval sense of the term,he is a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of another, greater emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official.  The last official use of the title and position of czar was in Bulgaria as WWII ended (1946).

Charlie Wrangled Yet Another One !

After a 2-year Congressional investigation of Charlie Rangel, which cost over $2 million, the 40 year “career politician” from the Harlem district in New York City, was convicted on Tuesday (11/16) of 11 violations by a 10-member bi-partisan Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives. Their 9-1 voting was conducted behind “closed doors” ; who cast the dissenting vote is not known.

The full House will deliberate on Charlie’s punishment probably after the Thanksgiving break, but the Committee which adjudged him guilty recommended censure. Censure means “rebuke formally”. In other words, “bad boy, don’t do that again”! In all fairness, monetary fines will probably be imposed on him in the form of restitution for the back taxes and other “perks” for which he was convicted.