Cost Of Fuel

Having pretty much settled into my new dwelling place in North Carolina, I quickly learned that heating a house (versus cooling, as was my primary utility expense in Florida) is NOT an inexpensive thing! The major choices include heat pump (by far the most efficient), coal, oil, LP or natural gas, kerosene and of course, electric heaters.

Some people have wood-burning stoves and fireplaces but those do require a lot of maintenance and attention. I love the aroma of a wood-burning fire!

A Balanced Government

I know many of you who visit this site regularly are wondering what I will say in regard to the results of Tuesday’s (11-2-2010) election in the USA. Here are my reflections:

Moving Mountains – – –

Well, not exactly. I have moved TO the mountains of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, northeast of Asheville, near East Tennessee, where I spent twenty years. The initial move to Florida in the early ‘80s was to be a temporary one, however that stretched out to be 28 years. But, now this boy is back in the mountains!

I will send some other pictures as soon as I become “stable” here, unpacking and trying to find everything. But, this initial one shows a nice view of one of the mountains here – welcoming visitors and tourists.

“I Fought For You”

Thanks to Yoli for the link