Thank You, Soldiers

Suggested by Sue N.


A salute to our veterans, of today and in our past.


After all the bad press over a few teachers who stepped out of line teaching songs to our children, this is one you will be so proud to hear.  At the end of the song you can order the free sheet music.

Awesome.  The music teacher wrote the song and had all the third graders sing.  Enjoy — great message.

Republican ? Democrat ? Independent ?


Things are heating up in the political realm! With the lop-sided Congress we now have, and the fact that there is no need for bipartisanship; any bill that makes it to the floor of either house can be automatically passed, and that places our government upside-down.

Unfortunately this is the sign of the times. This is not the first time this imbalance has occurred but it is rare for both Houses of Congress AND the Executive office to be controlled by the same party! However, because of our Constitution the voters decide this, so they get what they (the majority) voted for.

Save Ellis Island

Most everyone knows the story of Ellis Island, at least that portion of time when it was used as a Welcome Center for immigrants coming into the United States (1892-1954). It previously had a variety of uses, including as a military fort. But, for the purpose of this report we’ll look at the use during “immigration” years.

Metamorphosis and Aging


DISCLAIMER: You understand that I personally have not suffered any of the following conditions – but many of YOU have!


A few months ago in, an article on the KingsWay site entitled “Face Lift, Anyone? ”, I touched on the fact that we are designed to grow old – if we live long enough!  There’s more to that than you might imagine.