Majestic Shuttle – A Video Tribute


The Space Shuttle program is scheduled to end late this year. The replacement vehicle was scheduled for flight in 2015 BUT it appears that the Obama Administration has canceled those future plans and much of the funding for the continuation of many NASA projects, including the return to and colonization of the Moon.

As a tribute to the Shuttle program, a 31 year veteran engineer at the Kennedy Space Center, Dennis Lohaus, has written and recorded the song used in this video. It’s 7 minutes long but has some unique pictures and is a nice testimonial.


Temperamental Throttle


You are probably aware of the (many) reports surfacing about “sticking gas pedals” on certain cars (not limited to Toyota) and the inability of anyone to isolate the cause of the problems. The dealers and manufacturers deny that anything is faulty in their design. A Congressional committee, investigating the anomaly, after receiving testimony from a number of so-called experts, has not been able to assess blame or responsibility. Even the car owners have been accused of lying about their emergency situations.

Are YOU An Insurrectionist?

Since the passage of the very controversial “ObamaCare” Government Health Insurance bill into law, there has been a lot (up to 8 at this writing) instances of violence or threats against lawmakers, primarily Democratic (Party) members of the House of Representatives. These are the people who voted “For” the bill, in defiance of what the majority of United States citizens wanted.

Become Active !!

With all the political shenanigans that we have experienced over the “National Health Plan” (ObamaCare) that resulted in “changes” that will eventually destroy our Nation as we know it, many people have lamented over what has happened. Comments like “we are going under” and “what can be done?” are heard every day.  Well, there IS an answer: become active!