The “Tracie” Story Is On This Site

The touching story of “Tracie” was on the KingsWay Ministries site but that site was down for “re-construction” and I moved the story here. It is now available from both sites.

Over 35,000 people have read the story – and untold babies have been saved from abortion!

Follow the link by clicking on the announcement on the lower right hand side.  It’s free for the viewing.

You can also download a copy of the story – feel free to share it.  Let’s save babies!


“Veteran” Presidents

(Inspired by Ed M.)

John F. KennedyCan you name the presidents who were veterans of military service?

Try these:

•    George Washington: Revolutionary War (Continental Army)
•    James Monroe: Revolutionary War (Continental Army)
•    Andrew Jackson: War of 1812 (Army)
•    William Henry Harrison: Indian campaigns (Army)
•    John Tyler: War of 1812 (Army)
•    Franklin Pierce: Mexican War (Army)

Republican Senators For John Kerry !!

History  doesn’t lie!

John Kerry, former Presidential candidate and a Senator himself, has been sworn in as the latest Secretary of State, albeit many people forget that 40 years ago he joined with Jane Fonda in demonstrating against the U S Military’s involvement in Vietnam. All the Senators listed below (all Republicans) knew of his anti-American stance and activities yet they have overwhelmingly approved his nomination. There has been no indication that Kerry has “repented” in his stand with Hanoi Jane against America.

Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas and James Inhofe of Oklahoma were the only Republicans who voted AGAINST the nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State, replacing Her Highness Hillary Clinton.

Covered By His Wings

mama bird with babies

(KingsWay Ministries article)

(inspired by Sue New)

Times are rough. We see turmoil all around; between nations, violence here at home, unusual “natural” events and devastation & unrest wherever we turn. And, during times like these many question: “where is God?“.

There are theologians, members of academia and others who try to answer this question with their complicated, complex explanations. Somehow, though, they never seem to give clear, definitive answers.  Well, like most things, the answer can be found in His “book”.