The Flowers Are On The House!

flowersWe visit the “Free Downloads” again.

Several months ago I wrote about the cornucopia of TV ads for computer programs that claim to give you a “free download” of their product, implying that it is free. They also tend to make you believe that it will do all kinds of magic, probably including making gold out of lead!


Betrayed — Again ???

blowing moneyFor weeks, especially since the infamous election of November 6th (a black day on the 2012 calendar), the aspect of the “Financial Cliff” has highlighted the news. Even overpowering the recent occasions of ignorance & incompetence exhibited by the “approved-by-the-public” administration — the shooting of border guards and the smuggling of weapons into Mexico by the Obamama government, the “Benghazi-gate”  debacle, the lying of officials of the Obamama administration before Congress, etc. – we are still being robbed by factions of that same administration!

The Rape of America

‘Merica’s messiah has won again!






I guess Jeremiah Wright was right . . .

God has certainly NOT blessed America!


Heaven – – – Neil Armstrong Has Landed !

Last month we lost Sally Ride, the first USA female astronaut. Now we have lost Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk on the moon.

It was a warm July 21st in 1969. The world was glued to their TV sets. Most were sitting on the edge of their seats as the Lunar Lander gradually descended to rest on the rocky surface of the moon.