“Miracle” Growing

When I lived in Florida if you wanted to raise a garden all you had to do is poke a hole in the sand and drop the seed in. That worked fine – – – until it was time to pick. Regrettably every critter in the state would line up the night before you decided to harvest! Nothing was left by the next morning.

Now, after moving to North Carolina, I knew that gardening would be much easier. In the past when living in the general area, we raised very nice gardens and I expected the same this time.


Voyager – On a REAL Voyage!

Occasionally people, when discovering that I worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, ask about the benefits of the space program, its expense, and purpose. I have mentioned in previous articles on this site a number of benefits Here are some of the links: KSC, Saturn, Hydrogen Fuel, China, The Future, “Family“.

In 1977, even six years before I joined the NASA team in Florida, two rather unique vehicles were launched. Thirty-five years later they are still going strong in their exploration of our Solar System!

Where Are The Best Gas Prices In My Area?

During the harsh economy that we are all suffering through, we need to save wherever we can. Most noticeable, except for food,  is the cost of fuel for our vehicles. 

Fortunately, many gas stations, whether in price competition (“price war”) with nearby stations or with the use of “discount cards” issued through particular merchants, we can usually save a few dollars when we fill up. But, knowing where those stations are and the current prices can be a dilemma, for we can’t afford to drive around to check them out!

Chief Justice John Roberts – Friend or Foe?


Most Americans, especially “Patriots”, waited with baited breath for the release of the determination of the Supreme Court regarding the “Obamacare” (or “Affordable {ha!} Health Care”) law. Most on both sides of the issue were surprised, if not shocked, by the outcome.

Basically, many of the portions of the law were approved as Constitutional, including the “mandate” part that allows the government to force you to buy something you don’t want.

The Court was divided down the middle – four for and four against. The shocking part was the tie-breaking vote, cast by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts!