Traffic Distractions

I think everyone knows that texting or even operating a cellular device while driving is asking for disaster. Many states have enacted legislation to outlaw those practices – even others ban the use by anyone in a moving vehicle.

I personally do not use or answer cell phone calls while driving (also I do not use the texting feature at all).


World Court – Something To Be Feared!

Ever hear of the World Court? Many may have heard of it but do you know what that entails? What “authority” does it have? Does it affect us (in the USA)?

The name “World Court” generally refers to the International Court of Justice, an arm of the United Nations, located in the Hague, the Netherlands. It is composed of fifteen justices, from different countries, as dictated by the United Nations. The current Chief Justice, or President of the Court, is from Czechoslovakia.  All justices have  three-year, staggered terms.

Cyber Warfare

Recently I have written several articles about (Unmanned) and (Stealth) warfare in which there would be none or at best, limited casualties. Obviously none would be the better choice!

Now, there is yet another method of warfare in the works. In fact, it has been around for several years but has not been attributed to the military (at least we have not known about it). It’s known as Cyber Warfare.

I, Me, and Mine

Isn’t it strange that we see a politician jumping at the opportunity to “grab” glory or favorable credit for things someone else has done? Or is that the norm in this society today?

When a person in high office claims the rewards for action taken by his subordinates, that is wrong!  (Recent) case in point is the  laying of  claim during the re-election bid being spun by Obama after OUR troops have accomplished some resounding feats during his watch .