Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes is dedicated to finding personalized solutions that will make existing homes meet the specific needs of Service Connected Disabled Veterans who have served and sacrificed on our behalf. After a thorough verification process, Purple Heart Homes identifies the needs of the disabled veteran and determines the scope of work required to modify, adapt or build, a home that is accessible barrier-free and safe.

Purple Heart Homes offers two distinct programs for Service Connected Disabled Veterans (and their caregivers) of all conflicts — the Veterans Aging in Place andVeteran Home Ownership programs.

The Veterans Aging in Place Program is specifically designed to help older Service Connected Disabled Veterans and their caregivers who currently own their own home.

 The Veteran Home Ownership program is specifically designed to enable Service Connected Disabled Veterans who do not already own a home, become homeowners.

The goal of  both programs is to help reintegrate the veteran into the community in which they live, and to proudly acknowledge the sacrifice they have made on their country’s behalf. Whether it is adapting an already owned home, building a home from the ground up, or adapting and modifying a foreclosed home, Purple Heart Homes is committed to guiding the veteran through the entire process.

Purple Heart Homes is a not-for-profit corporation and survives to serve by the contributions from those who want to honor and help restore dignity, mobility and hope to our wounded, returning Veterans. You can find Donation information by visiting their WEB site: Purple Heart Homes.